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We specialise as a PPC Agency. We’re able to get you the best prices on a PPC campaign thanks to our continued support from our customers. A PPC campaign is used for many reasons, such as, a head start on a an SEO campaign or to cover more area’s before deciding to open another branch in that area. PPC if implemented properly by a PPC Agency can have a great return on investment (ROI).

  • Ideal for targeting new areas.

  • Used as a start up SEO campaign.

  • We offer great prices.

  • Great ROI

  • A way to place first in search engines.

PPC is commonly used for search engines. We bid on your behalf to get you in the higher spots on Google, Bing or Yahoo, whilst keeping Cost Per Click low! BUT, PPC can also be used for social media, after all, over 2.4 billion people a day use this every year.

Competitive Rates

Using a PPC in the wrong hands can cost you a lot of money. Thankfully as a specialist PPC Agency, we are able to offer you a PPC campaign at a fair price whilst keeping position high and the cost per click as low as possible! This all depends how competitive your niche is – if its low competition, then the costs will be low.

  • High positions on Search Engines.

  • Low cost per click.

  • Low PPC Charges.

  • Always comparing results.

  • Reliable PPC Agency.

If for some reason the clicks aren’t converting, we will take a look at the landing page, keywords and structure and improve whatever is needed. Although this is unlikely, its still something that every PPC Agency should offer, but sadly some don’t. This is what makes us different from the rest, we want you to succeed by any means necessary, we take pride having you as a customer. So we do what is necessary to keep you as one.

What We Can Do For You!

We can offer you a high position, low cost PPC Campaign with great ROI over the time spent with us. We forever evaluate and improve the ads to target you audience. We’ve had clients reach out to us whilst using another PPC Agency, and we’ve boosted their ROI by over 20% by simply reducing their cost per click and improving their ads. We can offer social media ads too, this is great as millions and millions of people a day use places such as Facebook and Twitter daily! If your audience is there, we will make sure they’ll see your ad.

  • Social Media Ad Campaign.

  • Optimised Search Engine Ads.

  • Low Cost, High ROI.

  • Always Optimising and Improving Ads.

  • Never signed into a contract!

We take pride in our PPC Agency, for that we offer a no contract deal. you’re free to leave when you wish. Why do we offer this? to show that we know exactly what we’re doing, we’re that confident we can improve your ROI that we offer a no contract deal.


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Ready to talk?

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